Friday, May 28, 2010


Time goes by so quickly, I have had a busy month and have not done as much in the garden as I would like. I have just managed to plant some spring bulbs.

Above I have some pink Geraniums in pots near the front door. There is also Wallaby grass coming up between the pavers.

I did spend a weekend in the Southern Vales. This is the outlook from Coriole, I always love to see the garden there.

Yes, I have been busy and rather spoiled. I also spend a weekend in the Barossa Valley, these beautiful cup cakes are from the farmers market.

Back in the somewhat neglected garden the chinese cabbage is growing really well. In front of this there is garlic coming up.

Now I have to get busy and plant these lettuce and snow pea seedlings I bought at the Grange Organic market last weekend. This is a great little market and only a short walk from my house.

Late Autumn beauty in the garden

We are very lucky with the borrowed landscape from our small backyard. These gums across the laneway are full of rainbow lorokeets and catch the light in the late afternoon.

Bounty of the garden. Double Delight roses and quinces. The quinces are from a neighbours tree, ours suffered this year from lack of water and we not get any fruit.

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