Saturday, May 2, 2015

Autumn, Melancholy, and Gratitude.

Autumn is here and I am feeling melancholy.

We have had a very sad and sudden loss in our family, we are in a time of private grief and deep concern for those most deeply affected.

At the same time there is so much sadness and horror in the wider world that frequently it seems overwhelming.

Fisherman returned from a trekking trip to Nepal less than 2 weeks before the devastating earthquake occurred there, and many of the places he went and people that he met are now gone. We have donated through Plan and Oxfam but it seems such an inadequate response. 

The horror that the deeply twisted philosophy of IS inflicts on our world is on the radio,TV and Internet daily, with a sense of helplessness to assist those in its path.

Very close to home the senseless and cruel executions in Indonesia have effected many of us deeply, as have the proposed forced closures of many remote Indiginous communities.

It can be challenging to be mindful, to focus on the positives, to be grateful. 
But in truth I have many, many things to be grateful for.
The natural environment I live it, and the peace, security and prosperity of the place I call home.

My parents, and the loving stable upbringing I had

My extended family,mmy partner and children and all my kind and supportive friends.
(The little ones are rather large now)

Not to mention all the interesting and exciting activities I participate in.

We had some Festival fun.

I have been to WOMAD once again

I had a trip to Queensland in early March with a dear friend, some time for work and some to simply hang out.

And some special musical treats.
The Merrie Soul Sessions.

Paul Simon and Sting.

As well as this we have had precious family get togethers for Christmas, Easter, and several important family birthdays.


Fisherman and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary late last year with close friends with a very special dinner at the Salopian Inn in the  beautiful McLaren  Vale. 

 I have even been to the football ( last weekend) and witnessed a Port win.

So you can see that I lead a privileged life in so many, many ways and have much to be grateful for.

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