Monday, December 28, 2009

Small Garden Delights

It's often the small details in gardens that are delightful, especially if you don't want to look at the big details because there are lots of weeds, bare fences and other sources of discontent! I wish the beautiful picture above was from my garden but it is from the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne.
I'm very happy with my plant stand at the moment. The brass pot at the top was my Mother's and as I polished it up yesterday it brought back many memories of conversations around the table at Wentworth street.

Baby Gladdies (Blushing Bride) flowering in the Spring, next to a seed grown two or three year old Persimmon. This was grown from a seed from a Persimmion from our old house in Hilton.

The red wall.

The Goddess of the courtyard

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